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"Scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist for my granddaughter was extremely stressful for me...but from the very first time that Dr. Neil Gorin entered the treatment room, both my granddaughter and I were completely relaxed. His kind smile and relaxed demeanor complement his excellent diagnostic and technical skills. Kali and I are looking forward to the continuation and ultimate completion of her treatment and we each anticipate very positive results."

"My daughter has been a patient of Dr Gorin for 2 years now. As with most people first impressions are the most important and set the tone for whatever life holds. Our first impression began with “Glenn”. Glenn is the first person you see and meet. He is extremely sweet, beyond understanding and can run that office with his eyes closed while he is asleep. Glenn is always smiling and super pleasant and funny!! Glenn is extremely knowledgeable and always beyond helpful. Dr Gorin himself is amazing. Always smiling and so kind, sweet and gentle with my daughter. Dr Gorin always takes the time to answer your questions and has the best bedside manner with children and teens. This office is beyond professional and I personally can not begin to praise them enough for all they have done for my daughter ! It all begins with the amazing “Glenn” and ends with the amazing Dr. Gorin !""


"I’m a single Dad who got a referral to take my 13 year old daughter at the time to Dr. Gorin. As a single Dad it’s always my concern to make sure my daughter is well welcome in new environments. 
The first day Dr. Gorin came with his staff and flow of positive energy that was very welcoming as he personally said to my daughter, as his staff prepared her for taking photos of her teeth structure; “don’t worry we good care of our kids here and we’re going to take good care of you too. My daughter gave the smile that most kids give for the first visit. A very hidden smirk.

Long story short, Dr. Gorin lived up to his word to my daughter so well that she would give him a hug because she appreciated him and how he would always follow up with his staff at work with four patients at a time and a waiting room with eager patients waiting an appointment or meeting for the first time. We never had to wait a long time. What I mean is if you appointment is at 12 pm or 2 pm, you were in the chair my 12:02 pm or 2:02 pm. 

Just to mention Dr. Gorin staff with his support works excellent with the insurance company so don’t worry as I did, they know what they’re doing. 

My daughter is now 15 years old and got here bracelets removed and she was so happy to she her hard work of keeping them clean as the Doc and staff advised her that she went back to hug the staff and say thank you. 

Dr. Gorin is one of the few doctors of his profession that really care about his patients and fights for their best care. Doctors like him are a diamond in the ruff and as long as he’s with us all other kids that meet him will be safe and extremely well cared for. 

My daughter has texted all the family pictures of her smile. Crazy girl, I love him, DAD"

-Antonio P.



"Dr. Gorin is an excellent orthodontist. After 4 years of wearing braces my teeth look fantastic. The staff was very friendly and always ready to answer my questions."

-Christopher O.



"Dr. Gorin is the best ortho, he is very caring and patient. His staff are also very nice & friendly. I have recommended Dr. Gorin to a few friends & they like him too. I will continue to recommend Dr. Gorin."

- Dana P.



"Dr. Gorin is a great orthodontist. For the last two years I had braces on the bottom due to a tooth right in front being pulled. With braces and sheer tenacity Dr. Gorin meticulously moved my teeth around so now the gap is history and my bottom row of teeth have never in my life been so straight. He has given me solid recommendations on how to take care of my teeth and has a great sense of humor to boot."

-Sara S.



"I was always so insecure about my teeth, they were crooked and really over crowded. They were so bad I always refused to smile and would always cover my teeth if I laughed. Dr. Gorin completely changed that and my self-confidence. I get so many compliments about my smile and I can’t help showing off my new teeth. The process was quick and the staff along with Dr. Gorin made it a wonderful experience. They are super friendly! I recommend him to all of my family and friends."

-Diana L



"My experience at Dr. Neil Gorin's office was the best. The staff members are great, they are so nice. They would give me compliments about my teeth every visit. They would remind me to wear my rubber bands to make the process go a lot quicker. They send you a message reminding you when your next appointment is which is great."

-Yaritza G.



"Dr. Gorin is an amazing specialist; very passionate about his work. He makes sure your teeth look exactly the way they supposed to. Dr. Gorin and his staff are very friendly and amazing people. The atmosphere in the office is very welcoming. After about three years of treatment (my case was pretty complicated), my teeth are perfectly straight. Thank you, Dr. Gorin, for fixing my smile."

-Kasia W.



"My daughter's last visit to doctor Neil Gorin was exactly the same as always. Everyone is courteous, professional, and understanding. Dr. Neil is probably the finest dentist on the planet."

-Peguy C. 



"Outstanding experience! I want to thank Dr. Gorin and all of the staff for providing a friendly environment and taking care of my teeth. Dr. Gorin is very professional and so is the staff who always make sure you are doing well during every visit. If you are looking to get braces then look no further than gorinOrthodontics and I assure you will be pleased."

-Kev F.



"Dr. Gorin treated 6 of my kids. The results were spectacular. Office atmosphere is always clam and relaxed. Dr. Gorin is always available for questions, descriptions and discussion. I strongly recommend Dr. Gorin to everyone in search of an orthodontist in Brooklyn or Long Island. The front desk is respectful and understanding of how busy my schedule can be. Rescheduling to accommodate my work schedule is never a problem and always with a smile. Thank you, Dr. Gorin."

-Lenoard K.



"I was a patient of Dr. Gorin for 3 years as a teen. His warm and friendly disposition made the process of having braces very pleasant. He is very detailed throughout the process which allows patients to understand the process of the orthodontic work being completed. 
It has been approximately 9 years since I have had my braces removed. Pleasantly, my teeth have been amazingly improved thanks to the work of Dr. Gorin. Following my retainer routine for the past 9 years, has allowed me to flash my smile time and time again with confidence. I would recommend Dr. Gorin time and time again!!!"

-Alisa B.



"Just had a consultation with Dr. Gorin. Very professional and explained everything. Spent a lot of time with me. I definitely will be coming back for my braces. The staff was friendly and very encouraging. I would highly recommend Dr. Gorin and his staff."




"Dr. Gorin is an excellent orthodontist who is also kind, caring and extremely supportive. Both my boys have been under his care for the past seven years. I am extremely happy with the outcome and I would highly recommend his practice."

-Rhona A.



"Honestly.... The Best Orthodontist ever. He pays extra attention to even the smallest details. I Highly recommend him to anyone."




"The experience I've had with Dr. Neil Gorin and his team has been most outstanding to say the least. He's shown great concern and empathy towards my condition. I've dealt with a server open bite/protruding jaw for 20+ years but within one year Dr. Gorin has helped restored my confidence and teeth again. The office is very professional, clean, and swift. I will honestly recommend Dr. Gorin to all my friends and family. I am astonish at how remarkable my result have turned out. I'm so thankful that a Doctor such as him himself has been a part of such a memorable experience!!!"

-Yasmin W.



"I've been going to this orthodontist for the last 4 years and this is the best one I've been to. I'm 24 and I've had braces 3 times, I've never felt more comfortable in an office in my life. The staff is so amazing and friendly. Shout out Denise the nicest receptionist I've ever met in my entire life. The office is charming and so are the staff every time I walk in I just feel welcome. Always smiles on their faces and never a bad attitude in the place and never a bad experience! Thank you guys so so so much for everything my teeth look amazing and I feel amazing!"

-Jessica R.



"Dr. Gorin is an outstanding orthodontist and I couldn't be more pleased with my smile after the braces came off. I was with him for two and a half years and my monthly check ups were fast and efficient. The staff is friendly and Dr. Gorin went out of his way to deal with an insurance issue I had, so I wouldn't have to pay out of pocket. He is an expert in his field and I would recommend him to my friends and family!"

-Sheroz Q.



"Dr. Gorin is an amazing orthodontist. He is very patient and takes time to explain the procedures. He has a great sense of humor which I believe is needed when dealing with children. My son's teeth look great!! I would recommend Dr. Gorin for your child's braces!!"




"Dr. Gorin is an amazing orthodontist. I had bad TMJ and needed to correct my bite. I had braces for a year and a half which was about 5 years ago. The process seemed to go very quick for me. My teeth still look amazing to this day and I would highly recommend him to anybody considering getting braces. The best!!!!"

-Allyson S. 



"My daughters love Dr. Gorin. Dr. Gorin treated my 2 daughters - a set of twins. Both girls had 2 upper teeth stuck up in the jaw that no other orthodontist would touch them. They wanted to pull the teeth. Dr. Gorin sent us to an amazing surgeon who connected the buried teeth to the braces. As each month went by, we saw incredible progress. Now my girls have magnificent smiles with all of their teeth in place. I strongly recommend Dr. Gorin. Such a nice guy and caring and compassionate doctor. Dr. Gorin is now doing my Invisalign treatment. The waiting room is actually a nice and relaxing place to sit each month." 

-Cheyanne M.

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