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Rubber Bands - Triangle Elastics

It is most important that rubber bands are worn exactly as explained by Dr. Gorin. The direction of the rubber bands may vary from time to time. Make sure you understand exactly how they are to be worn.


Unless the doctor tells you otherwise, rubber bands are to be worn 24 hours a day. They are to be worn while eating, sleeping, during school hours, at home, during socialization, etc. They should only be removed to brush your teeth.


Replace your rubber bands as often as you like. Always make certain you have a supply of rubber bands. Always carry some with you so that if they break they can be replaced immediately. Call the office if you are running low so that you will never be without them. Remember the size of your rubber bands.

Make sure you understand exactly how to wear the rubber bands. The successful completion of your case depends upon wearing the rubber bands properly and at all times.

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