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Separators, also know as orthodontic spacers, are small elastic bands or metal springs that are gently placed between the back teeth. Separators make a small amount of space between the teeth. The number of separators varies depending on the amount of space already present.


Avoid hard and sticky foods. Examples of these foods include gummy worms, gummy bears, now-and-laters, gum, salt water taffy, taffy or candy apples, peanut brittle, ice, hard licorice, hard candy.


Brush your teeth as thoroughly as possible, back and forth and in small circles.

Separators will loosen in a few days. Try to keep them in place. Do not call the office if they fall out by themselves. This generally means that there is enough space. Do call the office if you mistakenly pull the separators out. Sometimes there is soreness with separators three-to-four hours after they are placed. Take whatever you do for a headache or similar discomfort.

Orthodontic spacers within teeth.
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